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Better golf comes through knowledge

It is said that „What you don’t know can’t hurt you“. In golf, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Let’s take a look at a few things the average golfer probably doesn’t know about. How these things are probably costing you strokes.

Practice makes perfect… Not!

Practice only makes perfect if you are reinforcing proper swing techniques. For most golfers, a practice session consists of ripping through a bucket of balls on their lunch break or on the way home from work. A trip to the range will not help you unless you are going to spend the time to „work“ on your swing. Not just reinforce those bad habits you’ve already developed. Use the following suggestions to help you turn that grip it and rip its pit stop at the range into a true practice session.

1. Only bring one club to the range with you at a time.

2. Hit a small bucket of balls and take your time with each swing.

3. Slow down your swing and try to hit the ball straight, not far.

Go ahead, blame your clubs!

There’s a good chance that your clubs could be at fault for all those miss hits. Even if they are brand new and cost you over $2000. The problem is if they don’t fit you and your swing, then even when you make that perfect swing the ball isn’t going to end up where you wanted it to be. Club length, shaft flex, lie angle, and grip size will each greatly affect your golf game if they are not properly fitted to you. Get custom fitted for clubs and see what the difference is compared to what you have now. You could be losing a lot of strokes because of them.

Get some balls!

But don’t get just any golf balls. And that doesn’t mean that you should run out and buy the most expensive ball on the market. You need to get the right kind of ball for your game. Do you need extra distance? How about stopping power? Or soft feel? With so many different types of balls on the market today it makes it difficult to find a ball that suits your game. Here are a few tips on what different caliber golfers should look for in a ball.

1. Beginner – Distance, Durability

2. Intermediate – Higher Spin, Softer Feel

3. Advanced – Tour Quality, Distance, Spin, Feel

There are a lot of little things that go into making a great golfer. Having a great swing helps, but that is the hardest part to get right. The easiest way to cut strokes is to learn about golf club fitting, ball selection, and practice routines and how they can improve your game. You’ll be surprised by the results.


Golf Clubs

home -holgerklingemeyer- golf clubsIf you are fairly new to the game, or just new to actually going out and purchasing a club on your own, read through our quick golf club buying guide. It is sure to set you straight on what you need to know about buying the perfect golf club for your needs.

What kind of golf clubs do you have to choose from?

First, let’s take a look at the kinds of golf equipment that make up a set. Typically, a golfer contains fourteen or fewer clubs in his or her bag. The 4 fundamental kinds of these golf clubs are Woods, Irons, Wedges, and Putters.

Another popular type of golf club at present is the Hybrid club. The Hybrid club is a cross between the Iron and the Wood and is made for human beings who have difficulty using these other sorts of clubs. But before you get confused, let’s wreck these categories down a bit and take a nearer seem at them.


Woods are typically used to hit lengthy golf shots. Standard woods that are carried in a golf bag are 1, 3, and 5 woods. Your 1 wood is generally your driver. As the wide variety of your wooden increases (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) you lose the quantity of distance it can go, but you acquire a higher trajectory. Recent golf club technological know-how has made higher lofted woods for shorter distances.


Iron clubs are generally used for shots that are anticipated to go an average distance – usually from 125 to 200 yards. The lower the variety of iron, the much less degree on the face of the iron – resulting in the longer amount of distance the ball can go. On the other hand, the greater the range of iron, the greater the diploma on the face of the iron – resulting in the greater the loft a ball has.

The most popular irons used are three Irons though 9 Irons, however, many agencies additionally manufacture 1 Irons as nicely as 10 Irons.


Wedges are used for semi-short golf shots. They are also used for chipping, and sand shots. There are countless types of Wedges, including sand wedges, pitching wedges, and lob wedges.


If you have ever watched a golfer up on the green, making an attempt to hit a short shot into the hole, then he or she used to be most probably using a putter. A putter is a golf club that has a low loft. This permits the ball to roll father. A putter is commonly shorter than all of your different golf clubs.

Should you buy new or used clubs?

Now that you recognize a little bit extra about your golf clubs, you have to determine whether you favor purchasing a new or used set. If you are fairly inexperienced, you may also lean in the direction of shopping for used clubs, rather of spending a magnificent deal of money on a new purchase. However, when shopping for used golf equipment you must be wary about defects such as cracked shafts or worn grips. After all, these matters will surely not assist you to examine the sport the right way. And, they may also accumulate into worse money issues in the end.
Our advice to anyone starting off new to the game of golf is to invest in a new set that works right with your height and build. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive set – but simply something that you can learn well on.

Should you purchase a complete set or put one together on your own?

One thing you should realize when putting together a golf set by yourself is that it will be a more expensive route to take than simply buying a set that is already put together. Putting together your own set can be quite confusing if you are merely a beginner. Our advice for starters is to get a complete starter set and go from there.

If you have leftover money, you may be better off to spend it on some golf lessons. Leave the picking and choosing to more advanced players who know exactly what they want.

In closing, have fun with your new golf clubs. Use them to learn how to excel in this challenging and entertaining game!


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Golf  Training Equipment

Training for golf is all about appreciating the nuances of your swing.

Those who are unable to do this are going to continue to be a step behind, and that can be disconcerting. You will notice other golfers one-up you all the time, and it can be a horrible feeling, to say the least!

Make positive you are taking a seem at the price of golf coaching tools and how it can exchange your technique for the better.

Easy To Use home -holgerklingemeyer-

What makes golf coaching equipment such a pleasure to use?
It starts off evolved with how handy it is to put collectively and start making modifications to your technique. You may not fumble around with the tools as it is made for beginners. You will revel in having it around as soon as you purchase it.

Quick Changes To Your Technique

The equipment can emerge as the catalyst for swift and easy changes.

This is key for those who favor to make necessary modifications alongside the way and prefer it to be as easy as possible. You will word changes as soon as you begin.

Proven Results

You can personalize the method and get more out of it due to the golf training equipment. Instead of trying to make adjustments on your own, why now not go with something that is used by way of expert golfers?

This is golf coaching tools made for those who are serious about their recreation and favor to enhance as soon as possible. The modifications are going to provide great joy to you in the long-term.

Purchase golf training equipment and recognize you are on the proper track with an increased playing style. It takes years to make modifications when you are not the use of the suitable tools on offer. Take gain of the proper gear and watch your strategy change for the better.

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Golf Rangefinders

Golf Rangefinders Can Help to Improve Your Golf Game

home Leupold Gx-312 Rangefinder

When you play golf you need to have a right estimate of the distance that you want to play your golf ball to so that you can select the right club and use the ample amount of pressure in your swing. Golf rangefinders can supply you an accurate studying of distances.


A golf rangefinder uses a laser that you want to point to any object at the distance you are aiming at. The laser bounces lower back from the object focused on and returns to the rangefinder, which makes use of the time for the return to calculate the proper distance. It is a superb resource for training and can assist you to enhance all the required competencies for a successful game of golf.


The use of a golf rangefinder can enhance your game, but you need to be conscious of your own boundaries and competencies when you use this instrument. There is no feeling in estimating distances that you can’t hit too, due to the fact you have as but no longer acquired the proper capabilities whilst the usage of your golf clubs. Understand how a long way you can hit with your various clubs, and select a rangefinder that will effectively estimate these distances.

Estimate the Distance

You should take note that even if you have a correct estimate of the distance that you need to hit the golf ball too. Nonetheless, you have to put in the vital effort and use the club efficiently to send the ball to that distance. You can get rangefinders that can assist you to decide the distances that have slopes and would require extra effort on your part. You can also get rangefinders that can keep records on the number of guides that you play on and shop all the frequent distances in them for future reference.

Laser rangefinders want for you to be capable to see the object at the distance that you prefer to hit to, and may also have problems if you are no longer capable to do so.

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Golf Club Bags

No one wants to lug their golf items around without a quality golf bag in hand.

Here is a look at what the best options offer.

Aesthetically Pleasing

home Sun Mountain 2017 Women's Diva Cart Golf Bag

The quality golf bags can furnish cost in a variety of ways, and one of them is the aesthetic appeal.

If you favor something it’s gorgeous, it has to start here.


Don’t you want to go with a solution that is stable?

This is a worry for some, and it does not have to be. Go with an answer that is to the point and is going to stay as steady as you choose it to. These bags are constructed to last and are going to furnish actual value.


The first-class golf bag is going to be roomy and has a lot of costs to add to your experience.

It is going to let you put all of the items in one vicinity except having to fear about things getting misplaced alongside the way.


Do you choose the bag to weigh you down as you walk around? No, you favor something that is resolute and will not weigh a lot! This is why you prefer to think about a lightweight answer that is on top of things.

The excellent golf baggage can convey something to the forefront that is hard to deny.

It will help improve your journey in-game. It is going to ensure you have a smile on your face as you are coasting around the golf course. Why now not revel in the time out there with the assist of a golf bag?

A golf bag is a big part of your game and makes positive you can center of attention on what is necessary to you. Why go with an answer that may not reduce it or is going to weigh you down over time? Play this sport with a high-quality golf bag and enjoy the moment.

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Golf GPS

Best Golf GPS On The Market

Be able to dominate out on the golf course is easier said than done.

home Garmin Approach G6 Touchscreen Golf Course GPSMost people conflict and are unable to get the greater „oomph“ their game needs. For those who are in this role and prefer to do well, it is time to seem to be at the cost of a golf GPS answer. What it brings to your game.

Easier To Score

Imagine being out on the golf path taking part in with friends when you lose tune of the score.
Is that what you desire to do? Is that an argument you want to have?
No, you desire to go with the nice golf GPS on the market proper now! This is the energy of a solution that is going to make existence less difficult for you with time.

Full Analysis of Game

Want to analyze your swing and recognize where your mechanics are failing you? Well, it will become simpler when you have a world-class GPS on your hands. It can pay interest to this and ensure you acquire full fee in the long-term as you play.

Why now not take gain of an answer that breaks down your swing with pinpoint accuracy?

This is a top-tier answer that can make certain you acquire value. While you are taking part in and proceed to do so you are tweaking your swing.

Course Analysis and Details

Want to know extra about the place you are playing and what it has to offer? The best golf GPS is going to make certain you can get a experience with this information as soon as you choose it.

If you’re using a world-class GPS, make the most of it and be aware that you’re in the right hands. When it comes to the proper palms when it comes to quality, consistency, and value. It would not get higher than a resolute golf GPS. You will revel in having it around all the time!


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